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Vertex Informatics Limited provides innovative software solutions that empower developers, designers, and content managers to create and deliver accessible, searchable and usable Web sites for all users of the internet regardless of physical or technical abilities. We are a leading provider of Web content and social media compliance software that monitors risk management across disperse e-Content environments – keeping information safe, appropriate and within regulatory guidelines. The company’s solutions provide Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) platform for automating effective business processes for confidentiality, privacy, brand quality, accessibility and inappropriate content for public websites and intranets.
Why Choose Us
Reduce service interruptions by 70% and automate controls and processes to meet internal and external compliance requirements.

Develop pervasive accessibility and usability solutions with Vertex Developer tools. Our solutions come with Rich APIs and complete documentation to allow for integration into any content management system or web content authoring system.

Exceed service level expectations and reduce risk with predictive monitoring and policy-based configuration management.

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